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Offline Scoring

Offline mode allows the scorekeeper to score games with or without an internet connection.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I use Offline Scoring?
    • When the data on your device is unreliable.
    • When you can’t connect either to the internet or to our server.
  • How much storage do I need to record locally on my device?
    • If your device has less than 2GB of space, you will not be able to record to your local device (smartphone/tablet).
  • You must be online and signed into your team’s scoring account 
    • The connection is needed to authenticate your account and allow it to use schedule/start game.
    • This can be done before a tournament for pool games (if schedules are released ahead of time.) 
  • If you choose to score a game in ONLINE mode, then the process to score doesn’t change. 
    • Simply select ONLINE under Scoring mode and save your scheduled game.
    • When you are done scoring and have ended the game, the game will automatically sync and archived. 
  • Scoring of games can only be done on the AthletesGoLive Mobile App
    • You cannot stream video – the scheduled offline game will not appear on your streaming device.
    • Scheduling – only done from mobile app.
    • Your device can be connected to internet while scoring offline. 
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