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Offline Recording

The new Offline Recording feature guarantees that you will have a clear, uninterrupted video of your games anywhere. Offline Recording eliminates streaming issues in areas with weak signals. 



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I use Offline Recording?
    • Offline Recording is the perfect solution for when you're at a ballpark and in an area with bad signal/cell service.
  • How much storage do I need to record locally on my device?
    • If your device has less than 2GB of space, you will not be able to record to your local device (smartphone/tablet).
  • Can I delete the AthletesGoLive videos that I saved to my local device?
    • Yes, you can do this by going to "Recorded Games" and deleting the files you no longer need.
  • If I save the video to my device, how much space does a typical recorded game use?
    • Generally, a 90-120 minute recording will take up roughly 2-3GB.
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